Key Stage 1 Teaching Resources

Arts & Crafts Lesson: Making Masks

The Children’s Animal of Your Heart CD is available upon request.

Recommended Resources

  • Blank half masks.
  • Paints, animal patterned material or paper, wool, string, feathers, Glue.


  1. Get the children very comfortable.  Lying on a carpeted floor is preferable.
  2. Ask them to close their eyes & listen to the “Animal of Your Heart” Children’s visualisation.
  3. At the end gently bring their attention back to the classroom.
  4. Ask them to get up and jump and shake the energy back into their bodies.
  5. The teacher tells the students what animal s/he found and then writes it on the board. “The Animal of My Heart is a ….”
  6. Reassure any child who didn’t see an animal that they can copy yours.
  7. Then ask what animals the students found.
  8. Ask the children to take a mask and start to paint or stick materials to them to create masks of their animals.
  9. Once the mask is finished they can go on to make claws & paws of the Animal of Their Heart.
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