Elephant of My Heart Show

A true-life story of hope and the power of creativity and imagination

“When I was a child I had a brain injury. The story starts in the hospital where I hear a knocking on the door. When I open it there stands an elephant who takes me on a journey of healing and recovery. He invites me on an adventure to meet all my other animals. They teach me that the scars that cover my head can be seen in a different way because they are now sutured with a black panther’s whisker & held by a dragonfly. This reframes my understanding of my trauma. The show ends with a short Mindfulness visualisation where I introduce the children to the Animals at their Heart.”
Jessica Clements

Cast and Crew

Our production company is composed of a highly expert team including

  • Director: Kat Jugati
  • Musical Director and Choreographer: Stefan Freedman
  • Actors: Iain Armstrong, Rebecca Riley and Jessica Clements AND cast of remarkable children

We plan to tour the show around outside venues for 3 shows around Easter holidays and more in the Summer 2021.

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