About Jessica Clements

Jessica Clements life and work cannot be categorised in any conventional way – simply because she hasn’t followed a conventional path.

From her upbringing travelling with her family all over the world – Australia to Nigeria, China to Myanmar – to her almost radial career path intersecting the arts and the healing modalities; Jessica describes herself not only as a world citizen but as a student of the many healing traditions. Her curiosity and playfulness underpin her success, in particular her ability to connect with children and guide them towards their independent learning.

Throughout her work, the importance of finding voice and expression has been focal. She continues to run a range of meditation, visualisation and journeying workshops and individual sessions for all ages children, teenagers to adult educations courses and elderly assistance. Her work is used for people suffering trauma, addiction, family issues, pregnancy, mental health, stress and conflict.

In the year 2001, Jessica finished writing “The Elephant of My Heart” which is a fictionalised account of her first journey with trauma and where she is visited be a menagerie of animals, and the wisdom they unveil whilst she recovers from a serious illness. They were based on her work with Stephen Gallegos and his “Personal Totem Pole Process.” The ideas in this book have formed the core of outreach programmes for kids and schools, as well as healing sessions and became the basis of the highly acclaimed theatre show and production by the same name which Jessica produces and stars in.

The show has continued to develop and now also includes a sister act called “The African Elephant of My Heart; Dance Extravaganza” amongst many others. All shows have toured nationwide including Brighton, Edinburgh Fringe, London and also all the way to Australia and the Adelaide Fringe.

Alongside this Jessica continues to perform independently on stage for Shakespeare, Chekov, Strindberg, numerous pantomimes and comedies.

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