My Deep Imagery Journey with Stephen Gallegos

In the prologue to ‘The Elephant of My Heart’ Stephen Gallegos explains the Deep Imagery process.

“Thirty years ago I was given a great gift, a gift that began the reorganisation of my life…. The gift I received was that of the chakra power animals who arrived spontaneously & began the long path of healing…. This experience of meeting my chakra animals changed me & gave my life an entirely new direction…. I meet with the animals regularly & they entered me upon a healing path that was not only profound but astounding. For most of those thirty years I have led others to meet & engage with their chakra animals for their own healing.

In 2001, Jessica Clements met her chakra animals. For Jessica, the aliveness she found in her heart chakra, which came to her as an elephant, became a fundamental guide in her own journey to wholeness. Working within the layers of Deep Imagination is the most powerful route to emotional healing, growing into maturity, & coming into balance with one’s true being that I am familiar with. It is the avenue to our aliveness.

In her work with children, Jessica guides them to meet their Animals of the Heart & subsequently works with them to create stage performances based on these experiences. In doing this Jessica undertakes to foster & nurture a relationship with the Deep Imagination for these children.

It is beautiful to see how Jessica Clements, grounded in her own personal experience with this work, is making it available to young people in a loving & creative way. Her ‘Elephant of My Heart’ is a jewel of a book, to be treasured by young & old alike”

You can find out more about Stephen Gallegos’ work here.

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